Located in historic downtown Cleburne, Caddo Street Business LLC provides a unique, professional environment for small businesses or non-profit companies that need a technologically advanced office space. Situated conveniently across the street from the Johnson County Courthouse, a mere a block away from the fully restored Liberty Hotel, and one story above a post office that offers faxing, printing, copying, and notary services, the Business Center boasts easy access to any facilities clients may require.

ATG 24All rooms are state of the art, and are designed so that patrons can hold meetings, discuss proceedings in private, or meet with other professionals. Conference rooms and office spaces are available in various sizes, complete with any amenities a regular office space would have access to, including 24 hour access as necessary, video conference capabilities, and in-house WiFi.

ATG 29Our spaces are newly renovated, and the building is equipped with a keypad entry system that relies on remotely generated pass codes issued on a client by client basis, a camera based monitoring security system, and the necessary machinery for handicap accessibility. For clients who may bring large file boxes or other heavy supplies, there is also a conveyor for carrying such items up to the second floor.